Inspired by the ingenuity exhibited by snowflakes, ‘Diamonds in Snowflake’ employs an innovative stone-setting technique involving the setting of diamonds in multiple layers. The round-shaped setting used in this technique encompasses two inward-tilted layers of diamonds. Parts of the setting between the surrounding diamonds in the outer rim are hand-carved in order to create a light reflection, thereby enlarging the area of such reflection and creating an appearance of one single diamond with a larger table size. Our ‘Diamonds in Snowflake’ design has been granted with design patents by both the Patents Registry of the Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong and the State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC.




Inspired by the mythological and the unknown, ‘Galaxias’ features two stunning designs with the rearrangement of leaves. The first design is a circular branch of diamond- embellished leaves, conjuring the image of the laurel wreath, crowned for victors and champions. Worn by the sun god, Apollo, in Greek mythology, the laurel wreath is an honourable and triumphant symbol. The leaves in this particular design spread outward from the bottom, then meeting at the top, forming a circle of brilliant diamonds. The second design features brilliant diamonds with an outward spiral from a centre point, recalling the unfathomable Milky Way galaxy. Spreading outward from the centre in a clockwork fashion, the diamond-embellished leaves form a galaxy jewellery, eliciting cosmic vastness.


Dancing Star

The elegant ‘Dancing Star’ is a precisely designed product with worldwide patent.
This stunning jewellery is a product of pioneering craftsmanship and a scintillating collaboration with the famous ‘Snowflake’ collection. 

Visual & Design – ‘Dancing Star’

The ‘Dancing Star’ is an illustration of fluid movement and grace. It features a beautiful design with small diamonds along its spiral, which shelters the leading star of the show, a brilliant diamond at its core. The combination of a Japanese shaking technology with the ‘Snowflake’ collection has produced an exquisite jewellery exhibiting a revolutionary design that allows the focal diamond to balance freely and with minimal support.